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Frequently asked questions

PC Repair

Is labor refundable?
No, labor is not refundable. Once work is performed labor becomes unrefundable. The real truth is we can't turn back time. If you are ever unsatisfied please give us a chance to work with you on the issue. We will go above and beyond to take care of our customers.
How long do you warranty your work?
We will warranty any work performed for 30 days from date of work completed.
How fast is your turn around time?
We are always looking for ways to give you the fastest turn around time, currently our time in some cases is just a couple of hours but should not take no more than 3 days. If parts are not in-stock it should be around 5-7 days.
What if a virus comes back after you have cleaned it?
After we remove infections, we can install. But some might get past it. So in cases like this please contact us and we will be more than happy to work with you.
What if you fixed one problem but another occurs?
If you are a holder of our special package just contact us and we will resolve the problem for immediatly. If not please contact us so we can work with you to resolve this.
My computer turns on but I get no video, what is the problem?
In most cases we can fix this problem the same day. Please contact us to get a quote.
My Laptop was working yesterday, now it does not even turn on.
Please check to see if it is not the charger that is the problem. Also try removing the battery, plug in the charger and try again. If problem is still present contact us to get expert help.
I get a message saying there is something wrong with my computer and I must pay to fix it, what do I do?
Most likely you are dealing with a virus, anything that is blocking you from doing anything and it wants you to pay to fix it is a scam. Never pay or put in any personal info. Contact us immediately so we can remove that junk.
I have lines or my screen is cracked in my laptop? is the computer worth fixing?
These problems require a new screen. We might have the correct screen in-stock and can have it replaced in a couple of minutes. Contact us with your make and model

TV Repair

My TV has a crack on the screen or shows colorful spiderwebs. Can this be fixed?
Sad to say but no we can not replace the screen on TV's. The cost will exceed the price of the TV, and finding the correct panel is hard.
My TV has stopped working after lightning, can you make it turn on again?
Most of the time, yes we can get your TV back and going again. Please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.
Do you come out to my House to fix the TV?
It depends on how far you are from us. Please contact us for futher details.
I have lines on my screen, can this be fixed?
In most cases we can repair this but sometimes the lines are cause of a bad panel which we can not fix. Please contact us and we can futher assist you with this problem.
How fast can you repair my TV?
We will try our very best to get your TV back and running again. If we do not have the parts in stock we will have to order them which will take some time. We will keep you informed as the repair moves along.

Phones | Tablets | Consoles

My Xbox has a red ring and it does not work, can it be fixed?
Yes, we can fix this issue for you.
I a yellow light on my PS3 and it does not work, can it be fixed?
Yes, we can fix this issue aswell.
I cracked my screen on my phone, is it done for?
We can replace most screens on smartphones. Please contact us with the make and model of your phone.
My tablets screen broke, can you fix it?
Yes, we can replace most major brands tablet screens. Contact us with your make and model.

Networking / Security

Custom Builds

Remote Access

What are the requirements for remote access?
We require DSL/Cable or Sat high speed internet. User must be the administrator of computer.
How long will the session take?
Depends on the type of work being performed. Some could take minutes others a couple of hours. We always try to do work as fast as possible without losing quality.
Am having problems running the software, what do I do?
First please make sure you are the administrator, if you are not please get permission. If your anti-virus or firewall ask for permission please allow it.


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